Sunday, July 19, 2009



As you would be aware, I had made a call for the members to convince the National Council to hold the Annual General Meeting for the society which incidentally is long over due.

The society is what we make it and what we want it to be. I truly would be sad if through the inaction or omission we allow the society to be de - registered just because we fail to hold the AGM. I also understand that the reason for not holding the AGM is related to the accounts which unfortunately has not been prepared and audited.

Why this sorry state of affairs has come about is any one's answer. Were we remiss when we elected the current council to hold office and were they remiss when they appointed the Treasurer? Well to me that is water under the bridge and no use in crying over split milk. The deed has been done and now we have to rectify it.

However, for me NOT to hold the AGM and comply with the constitution smacks of irresponsiblity. You may say that it is easy for me to say so when I do not know the pressures and limitations of the Council - and yes I heartily agree with you. It is easy for me to say so but it takes guts to say it in public and request for it to be done.

So gentlemen, please hold the AGM, if the accounts are not ready so be it. Hold the AGM to have the election of the new office bearers, Hold the AGM so as to comply with requirements of the law, HOLD the AGM so as not to cause the honourable society to be de registered.

My sentiments on it has been made known at the last AGM held in Bachok Kelantan, though it was not reported in the minutes. My motion to censure the Committee too was not recorded but that is past and my sentiments still remain the same. I am passionate about the society and I recognise the sacrifices made by my predecessors in setting up the society and in running the society.

So please Mr. President and Mr. Honorary Secretary, issue the notice to call the AGM and if need be the sole agenda would be to hold the election for the office bearers.

I remain,

faithfully yours,

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